☽O☾Witch Born☽O☾

WitchBorn (1).pngHair- Rosy [Exclusive Hud only] By Escalated Mp / LM

Lips- Nera
Bindi- The Goddess

Tattoo- White Art By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Lips- Froot Tinglez By Toxicdolls MP / LM

Suit- Giselle Body Suit
Gauntlets- Aqua Set {fit pic}
By Muggleborn MP / LM

Pose- Class of her own By SomethingNew Mp / LM


Pose- TWE12VE Monthly Event    Event opens January 12th 2018 12 noon SLT

Hair- NOTE: This Gift is restricted to the group SL frees & offers – you have to wear this Grouptag in order to get this Gift
WitchBorn (2).png

Author: elvishwanderer

Blogging the fashions of SL.

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