Annica Mystisch Hud

Maria Monochrome Hud

By EscalateD MP / LM

☪Piercings & Bindi☪

[Red Hair]
Salma Bento
Luna [Silver Dots&Bindi]

[White Hair]
Dangerous Lip Piercing
Dark moon Tiara
Goddess [Gold Dots&Bindi]



[Red Hair]
Natasha Lingerie Pallet 5
Jessie shorts Pallet 5

By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM

[White Hair]
Adele Black Dress [Lace up back]

By SexyPrincess MP / LM


[Red Hair]
Isabella Ballet Boots

By Moda MP / LM

[White Hair]
Blueberry Stockings

By Blueberry MP / LM


Dangerous lip Piercing- 1st- 31st March Whore Couture

Adele Black Dress – Crossroads

Pulse 2.png


Author: elvishwanderer

Blogging the fashions of SL.

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