.Dammed (1).png
.Dammed (2).png
☽o☾ Creature of the Dammed, Take me Away upon the lift of Death.. ☽o☾


Hair – Darla @ Trick or Treat By EscalateD MPLM
Horns – Alira Horns By JOPLINO MPLM
Eyes – Halloween Eyes Catwa By MJN Mp only
Skin/Shape – Neoma T7 [Freckle option] By Lumae MPLM
Tattoo – SpiderWeb By Vezzo MPLM
Dress – Lizzie @ AnyBODY By REDGIRL MpLM


Backdrop- Deadly Lift @ Darkness Monthly By JOPLINO MPLM

.Elf Trapped.

Elf Trapped (1).png
Elf Trapped (2).png
☽o☾I’m so trapped inside, Trapped……Trapped….☽o☾


Hair – Virgo @ By Foxy MPLM
Eyeshadow – GlowSkull By MJN Mp only
Skin&Shape – Elentari Catwa/Maitreya By Lumae MPLM
Choker – Cherry’s Rare Gacha By BOD MPTemp Location
Dress – Lexy Halter @ ANYBODY By REDGIRL MpLM
Boots – Tarni @ Spotlight By Tooty Fruity MPLM


Backdrop – Jailtime @ Men Jail By JOPLINO MPLMElf Trapped (3).png

.Twisted Hex.

Twisted Hex (1)
Twisted Hex (2)
☽o☾”Lets Get Twisted.”☽o☾

Hair – Baize @ Suicide Dollz By EscalateD MPLM
Sunglasses – Dark Days @ Twisted Hunt By 1313  MPLM
Tattoo – Butterfly @ Sense By Leven MPLM
Skin- Adore & Jewel Priestess By Lumae MPLM
Top&Skirt – Kamy Denim Set @ ANYBODY By REDGIRL MpLM
Heels – Bethany @ Fetish Fair By Moda MPLM


Backdrop – Minim Blue @ Suicide Dollz By JOPLINO MPLM
Props – Sparkles  By Persefona MP LM

.☽O☾Dark Elf Day☽O☾.

Dark Elf Day (1).png&
Dark Elf Day (2).png☪BODY☪

ღDark Elfღ

Hair – Maisie By Phoenix MPLM
Horns – Black Sparkles @ The Darkness By Joplino MPLM
Bindi – Luna
Nose Chain- Onyxia @ The Darkness
Boots- Moonlite Latex @ AnyBody
Boots + Nose Chain + Bindi – By BLAXIUM MPLM
Tattoo- Zanett By Leven MPLM
Dress- Hali @ AnyBody By Red Girl MpLM
Skin- Adore & Jewel Priestess By Lumae MPLM
Body- Lara By Maitraya
Head- Catya By Catwa


LifeLine (1).png
LifeLine (2).png


Hair -[Hud] Brooke Now @ FaMESHed By Phoenix MPLM

Face Piercing -[Hud] Allure @ Open 7th AnyBody By BLAXIUM MPLM

Earring – Emma Now @ HashTag
Top – [Hud] Kiki
Jeans – [Hud] Clarie Now @ ELITE
All By Tooty Fruity MPLM

Tattoo- Luna By Vezzo MPLM


Grass – Clover 5 Seasons Now @ FaMESHed By Keke MpLM

☽O☾Joker Game☽O☾


Mary Hair Limerence
By Limerance MP / LM

Belle Group Gift /tint through edit

☪Outfit Both☪

Dress Zara Color Shine
Boots Obscura Color shine

Body Diamonds
By Persefona MP / LM


Boots @ Anybody

Dress @ The Darkness

☽O☾Wont Shoot☽O☾

Wont Shoot (1).png

Hair- Anansie By EscalateD MP / LM [MonoChrom Hud]

Bindi- Morgana By BLAXIUM LM only

Lipstick- X Rated C LipGloss By ToxicDolls MP / LM

Tattoo- Valentine Roses & Lace  By Vezzo Tattoo MP ONLY

Dress- Dahlia Red By SexyPrincess MP / LM


LipStick- At Red Corner

Dress EXCLUSIVE for  7th – 28FEB Anybody

Wont Shoot (2).png


Reload (1).png

Hair- Olivia Exclusive colorHUD {Fabfree Gift} By EscalateD Mp / LM

Makeup- Matte By Amara Beauty LM ONLY

Tattoo- Save By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Nails- Aris
Rings- Ariel
Lip piercings- Spiders Bite

Outfit- Aqua Warrior By MuggleBorn MP / LM


Tattoo – Wonderful Fashion Event.
Rings – The Darkness
Spider Bite – AnyBody
Reload (2).png


Download (1).png

Hair- Larissa By EscalateD Mp / LM

Lip piercings- Spiders Bite By BLAXIUM LM only

HipChain- Mystic Belly chain By Pervette MP / LM

Suit- Melenia By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Pose- Beam me up By SomethingNew Mp / LM


Lip Piercings – AnyBody

Download (2).png