☽O☾Her World☽O☾

Her World (2).png

Hair- Raphael By Sintiklia MP / LM

Tattoo- Wow by ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Suit- Holly White By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Bindi- The Goddess
Tiara- Dark Moon
Rings- Ariel Rings

Pose- [Group Gift] Rear View By SomethingNew Mp / LM


Rings – The Darkness

Her World (1).png


SkaterGirl (1).png

Hair- RonJa Duo By EscalateD Mp / LM

Bindi- Morgana By BLAXIUM LM only

Outfit- Winter Sweater&Skirt By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Boots- Detroit Boots By Zenith  LM ONLY

Tattoo- Asmaa By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Pose- Hoverboard 2 By SomethingNew Mp / LM

SkaterGirl (2).png



Sweet Escape (1)Hair- Gladys
By Rebel Gal – Bold & Beauty MP / LM

Rings- Nevermore
Nails- Aris
Bindi- Diabolica

Tattoo- Miki By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Lip Stick- 50 Shades
By ToxicDolls MP / LM

Lingerie – Dream
By Sexy Princess MP / LM
Sweet Escape (2).png


New Year Rock.png

Hair- Ontari By EscalateD MP / LM

Rings- Nevermore
Bindi- Diabolica
Glitter gloved- Glitter Hands
Eye makeup- Insanely Yours

Lip Stick- 50 Shades
Top- SlipKnot Tanki B
By ToxicDolls MP / LM

Pose- Mirror my hands [pose 2]
By SomethingNew MP / LM

[Prop Guitar no info given]



Hair- Loona By EscalateD MP / LM
Lips Stick- Mix And Match By ToxicDolls MP / LM
Rings- Andria Rings [Gacha]
Nails- Aris
Bindi&BrowDots- The Goddess
Outfit- Blackout Pure [Applier&Mesh]
Pose/Scene- Lost in Thought [Pose and Cigarette] By SomethingNew MP / LM

☽O☾My Roots☽O☾

My Roots.png

Hair- Liv By EscalateD Mp / Lm

Tiara- Dark Moon [Gold Worn]
Nails- Aris Bento Maitreya
By Blaxium  Lm Only

Bindi- Onyx Runes By Lenore Mp SOON / Lm

Top&Panties- Circe Pink By Violent Seduction Mp / Lm

Hoodie- Milena By Vale Koer Mp / Lm

Tattoo- Daisuke By ArabicTattoo Mp / Lm


Bindi At SucideDollz

Nails&Tiara at NaughtyList2

Hoodie&Circe At Kustom9

☽O☾Echos Of Winter☽O☾

Echos of Winter.png

Hair- Meri By EscalateD Mp / LM

Eyes- CryBaby By Pout Mp / LM

Lips- Smudged Lips Light By ZombieSuicide Mp / LM

Bindi- Runes Bindi By Lenore Mp SOON / LM

Tiara- Dark Moon [Gold worn]
Nails- Aris Bento Maitreya
By Blaxium  LM Only

Dress- Eri Chain and Dress
By SexyPrincess Mp / LM

Tattoo- Flower White Hands By ArabicTattoos Mp / LM


Lighted Birch tree By Hive Mp / LM

Scene- WinterTime Box By SomethingNew Mp / LM


SuicideDolls – Bindi

NaughtyList2 -Nails & Tiara

Kustom9 – Lighted Birch trees

WinterFest – WinterTime Box

☽O☾Carol of Bells☽O☾

Carol Of Bells.png

Hair- Loona Duo By EscalateD MP / LM

Dress- Rhodes White By Sexy Princess MP / LM

Bindi- Moon Face Jewel By Saga MP / LM

Gloves- Penta Wraps By The Forge MP / LM

Boots- Morgan By Moda MP / LM

Pose/Prop- Baby Its cold out By SomethingNew MP / LM


Hair Is at Virtual Secret Sales Room [5th- 20th Dec]

☽O☾ Magical Spirit ☽O☾

Magical Spirit

Hair- Sherazade By RunAway [Event]

Bindi&Septum- Yahsmin Set By SAGA [Event]

Top&Pants- Aisha By Aleutia [Event]

Chest- Witchy Chest by Zombie Suicide

Feet- Ankle Bellets By CerberusXing

Event- Enchantment.