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Bliss (2).png


Hair – Gwen [VIP Join fee 350L] By Truth MPLM
Top – Crystalline Gown @ Crystal Heart By Sweet Thing MPLM
Panty – Moussy ultimatehud @ Something ExtraBy Muggleborn MPLM
Tattoo – Owl Dream By Leven MPLM
Bindi – Pearl Dark By Astara MPLM


Hair – Gwen[VIP Join fee 350L] By Truth MPLM
Bra – Aria By Cherry Bloom MPLM
Panties – Aria By Cherry Bloom MPLM
Tattoo – Owl Dream By Leven MPLM

☽O☾Dark Rains☽O☾

Dark Rains (1).png
Dark Rains (2).png☪Elf’s Human☪

SL Syndicate Visit Stores to pick up 69L Items JULY 1st-3rd ONLY[Webpage]
Items Marked with a * are apart of the Syndicate SALE!



Hair – Oceana @ Uber By #Foxy MPLM
Earring – Skeleguen By Beauty Of Darkness MPLM
*Face Scars – StarSeed  By SongBird MP ONLY
Piercings – Allure & Maverick [Sold Separately] By BLAXIUM MPLM
Bracelet – Hot Leather By Red Girl MpLM
*Outfit- White Camo Overall Ripped By CuteShit MP ღ LM
Heels- Leela @ Up By Tooty Fruity MPLM


Hair – Bella By #Foxy MPLM
Shape&Skin – Kayla @ Dubai By LePunk MP ღ LM
Tattoo – Silence @  Tres Chic By Leven [Info Soon]
Outfit – Veronica Top & Shorts By Cherry Bloom MPLM
Boots – Lilith By BLAXIUM MPLM


*BackDrop – Dancing in the rain
*Poses used – Walking in the rain & April showers
By Puppet Master poses MpLM

☽O☾Flower Girl☽O☾

Flower Child (1).png
Flower Child (2).png


Hair – Somber By Stealthic MPLM @15th May Kustom9 < Cam

Lipstick – Flower Attack By YOLO MP LM @ Twe12ve

Eyeshadow – FairyTail Collection By YOLO MP LM @ GardenOfShadows

Piercings Face- Maverick Catya By BLAXIUM MPLM @15th May ULTRA

Glitter – Stripper Dust By Cynful MPLM

Tattoo – Wise Dreams By Vezzo Tattoo MP ONLY

Dress&Harness – Tamra By 1313 MockingBird Lane MPLM @15th May ULTRA

Heels – Barbie By Moda MPLM

☽O☾Live Girls☽O☾

Live girls (2).png☪Hair☪

Astral Hud

Inferno Hud

Both By EscalateD MP / LM
Event @ PreCast April 1-15


B/P Hair
Breathless Bodysuit
Heels included
By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Red Hair
Her Kinks
Holographic Hud
By ToxicDolls MP / LM


Red Only
Obscura Mono Shine


Live show
By Joplino MP / LM

Event @ Suicide Dollz

Live girls (3).png