.Her Spells.

Her Spells (1).png
Her Spells (2).png

☽o☾Tricks or treats,  SLS Trick or Treat Event is here!☽o☾


Hair- 2 Eldora monotones @ SLS Trick or Treat By EscalateD MPLM
Eyeshadow – 0 Evilyn III @ SLS Trick or Treat By VileCult
Eyes & Mask – 0 Mask & 15 Red Lil devil @ SLS Trick or Treat By Cubic Cherry
Necklace – Bad Witch Green @ SLS Trick Or Treat By Astara
Skin/Shape – Neoma T1 Maitreya & Catya By Lumae MPLM
Leggings – Monochrome @ SLS Trick or Treat By The Little Bat
Boots – Briana Thigh edition! By Moda MPLM


Shelf – Autumn Shelf [0-13 Shown] @ SLS Trick or Treat By Noctis

Wall decals – 11 put a spell on you, 3 Cat, 7 Voodoo @ SLS Trick or Treat By ChiMia

Pose – Her Fire Within [Flames Edited red comes purple] By SomethingNew MPLM

☽O☾Virus Detected☽O☾

Virus Detected  (1).png
Virus Detected  (2).png


Hair – Aimy By Phoenix MPLM

Bindi – Diabolica
Tiara – Dark Moon Downwards
Nails – Aris Maitreya
Rings – Corvus Maitreya

Eyes – Demon Eyes
Makeup – Sludge
Mask – This one is custom White Talli Mask
Find others [pic] @ PocketGacha
All By Zombie Suicide MPLM

Outfit – White Seduction By SexyPrincess MPLM

Heels – Samara Rare PocketGacha @ By Moda MPLM

Scars – Scares Gacha Rare By Izzie’s MPLM


☽O☾Player1 Ready☽O☾

Player1 Ready (1).png
Player1 Ready (2).png


Hair – Anastasia Spektral By EscalateD MPLM

Piercings- Maverick Set By BLAXIUM MPLM @15th May ULTRA

Headpiece – Aqua Warrior [Mask] By +Muggleborn+ MPLM

bodysuit – Samaran Suit @ TFC
Boots – Alana Thigh Highs
By Moda MPLM

☽O☾Trouble Maker☽O☾

TroubleMaker (1).png☪Hair☪

ღBrown Hairღ
Sepia Hud

ღGreen/Purple Hairღ
Mystisch Hud

By EscalateD MP / LM

April 7th – 28th Event Hair @ Spring Flair


Kawaii Mask 02

Kawaii Mask 01

By ToxicDolls MP / LM

8th – 24th April Event Mask @ BODYFY


ღBrown Hairღ
Karen Top
Color hud
By Xtravagance MP / LM

ღPurple/Green Hairღ
Pallet 6
By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM


ღBothღ Cassie Leggings

ღBrown Hairღ
Female Style Shown
Pallet 3

ღPurple/Green Hairღ
L/Floppy Style Shown
Pallet 6
By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM

April 7th – 28th Event Leggings @ Spring Flair


#1 Eva’s Rose
#2 Rolling down the Aisles
By SomethingNew Mp / LM

TroubleMaker (2).png

☽O☾Kink Night☽O☾

Kink Night.png☪Hair☪

Both Black & White
Freeze Rigged GROUP GIFT
By Sintiklia MP / LM


[White Hair]
Geneva CyberSuit Pallet 1
By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM

[Black Hair]
Akilah Animal


[White Hair]
Isadore Thigh High
By Moda MP / LM


[White Hair] & [Black Hair]
By Vezzo Tattoo MP ONLY


Capturado Trunk Gacha
Shown 10, 3, 2, 9 Common 1 Rare
[Click here gacha pic]
By Artisan Fantasy MP / LM


Capturado Trunk Gacha @ Kinky

☽O☾Water Fall☽O☾

WaterFall (1).pngHair- Sugar By Truth MP / LM

Bindi Tattoo- [Omega Hud only] Goddess Forehead By Astara MP / LM

Stars tattoo eyes- Stars Mask By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Lipset piercing- [lip &Septum] Munro By BLAXIUM LM only

Top- Aqua Warrior [Pallet 1]
Skirt- Erica Skirt [Pallet 1]
By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM

Body Tattoo- Magic Sea Creatures By Vezzo Tattoo MP ONLY


Erica Skirt- SuicideDollZ

Bindi- Gothic Garage Sale II
WaterFall (2).png