ET ♥.pngHair
Blacks hud shown
Group Gift Mollie [Fatpack] By Besom MP / LM

[White Hair]
Mermaids in Love By Vezzo Tattoo MP ONLY
[Black Hair]
Group Gift LoveMe HateU By ToxicDolls MP / LM

[White hair]
Aqua Warrior Pallet 3
[Black Hair]
Aqua Warrior Pallet 8
By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM



Hair- Maike Feb Group Gift  By EscalateD Mp / LM

Tattoo- Metallic Lunar by Izzies MP / LM

Outfit- B. F .F Outfit 07
By ToxicDolls MP / LM



☽O☾Take My Hand☽O☾

Take My Hand (1).pngHair- Lilo By Truth MP / LM

Shape- Ella By EscalateD [Shown on Maitreya/Catya] Mp / LM

Tiara- Dark Moon
Bindi- Luna
Lipset- Munro Catya/Catwa

Eyes- The Mummy Purple By AZdesign MP / LM

Contacts- Contacts By +Muggleborn+ MP / LM

Dress- Lucy Purple By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Smoke- Diva Cigarette By Kunst MP / LM


Hair and smoke- UBER / CAM UBER
Lipset Munro- 4Mesh
Take My Hand (2).png


Rotten Core.png

Hair- Nastasia By Bold & Beauty MP / LM

Shape- Ella Catya/Maitreya By EscalateD MP / LM

Tiara- Dark Moon By BLAXIUM LM only

Tattoo- Miki By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Dress&Boots- Latoya By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Pose- Class of her own [Pose 3] By SomethingNew MP / LM

☽O☾Carol of Bells☽O☾

Carol Of Bells.png

Hair- Loona Duo By EscalateD MP / LM

Dress- Rhodes White By Sexy Princess MP / LM

Bindi- Moon Face Jewel By Saga MP / LM

Gloves- Penta Wraps By The Forge MP / LM

Boots- Morgan By Moda MP / LM

Pose/Prop- Baby Its cold out By SomethingNew MP / LM


Hair Is at Virtual Secret Sales Room [5th- 20th Dec]



Hair- Wicca By RunAway Add ons Bangs [VIP] By Truth

Blood Body-Face Blood and wounds by Izzies [Catwa head and Maitreya body shown]

Dress- Wicca RARE By DeviousMind {Gacha}

Candles-Summoners Candles By WitchCraft

Extra Arms-Bento Extra Arms By Aii

Necklace- -red collar no details given- {Gold}Witch Collar By Cult

Nose Chain-Double Chain by PUNCH


Eyes on Me.png

Hair- Wicca By RunAway

HandKnifes- Eye Love you By Nocturnia

Body Knifes- Dagger By Wicked Ladies (rearranged on body)

Outfit- Sera Skirt Rare & Sera top White By Ersch {GACHA}

Wings- Flexi Angel by AII

Body Blood- Face Blood and wounds by Izzies [Catwa head and Maitreya body shown]

Pose- Witchcraft pose 5 By Elephante Poses