☽O☾Shade of Hearts☽O☾

Heart of Spade (1).png
Heart of Spade (2).png


Hair – Lexa By EscalateD MPLM

Gloves – Melanthe
Headband – Bunny Ears Goth
Forehead – Headshot Tattoo
Bodysuit – Secret Chamber
By Beauty Of Darkness MPLM

Heels – Samara Rare PocketGacha @ By Moda MPLM


Dark Wonderland Pillows [Pic]
Gothic Wonderland Stalls [Pic]
Gothic Wonderland Display [Pic]
By Beauty Of Darkness MPLM
2-23 June @ The Darkness Chamber  Fair 

☽O☾ Chandelier ☽O☾


Hair- {VIP OCT} Makena By Truth

Arms- Secret Armlets Gacha By Blueberry

Gloves- Lace Gloves by Hypnose

Dress- Sakura By Insanya

Boots- Desiree By Hypnose

Tattoo- Chouko Black By ArabicTattoo [Event] 15th Nov 2017

Pose/Prop- Chandelier By SomethingNew

EVENT: Gallery Event