.Zombie Trap.

Zombie Trap (1).png
Zombie Trap (2).png

☽o☾ And the violence caused such silence, Who are we mistaking?.. ☽o☾


Hair – Fallen @ Salem By Foxy MPLM
Makeup – Ghoul Glamour GIFT By POUT! MPLM
Earrings – Biting Heart @ Suicide Dollz  By JOPLINO MPLM
Eyes – Halloween Eyes Catwa By MJN Mp only
Mask – Raphael Black By Azoury MP Only
Skin/Shape – Elmyra Fantasy By Lumae MPLM
Dress – Nightmare Sweater @ The Dark Style By REDGIRL MpLM
Stocking – Fiona Stockings @ Trick or Treat By 1313  MPLM
Heels – Kelly Wedges By Moda MPLM


Backdrop – Comfy Place @ Pose Fair By JOPLINO MPLM
Poses – Possession Bento Set @ Cosmopolitan By Hera MPLM 
Objects on bed are from IRONWOOD Hunt Prizes
Axe, Bear trap, Bloody shirt, Mask, Pumpkin


SkaterGirl (1).png

Hair- RonJa Duo By EscalateD Mp / LM

Bindi- Morgana By BLAXIUM LM only

Outfit- Winter Sweater&Skirt By SexyPrincess MP / LM

Boots- Detroit Boots By Zenith  LM ONLY

Tattoo- Asmaa By ArabicTattoo MP / LM

Pose- Hoverboard 2 By SomethingNew Mp / LM

SkaterGirl (2).png