☽O☾Under The Sea☽O☾

Under The Sea (1).png
Under The Sea (2).png☪BODY☪

Hair – North By #Foxy MPLM
Hair Jewels – North Jewels By Fakeicon MPLM
@ Kustom9

Body – Maitraya

Outfit – Ocean’s Daughter GACHA @ The Arcade
Crown Mint – Common
Bracelets Mint – Common
Top Mint – Common
Tail&AO – RARE
By Belle Epoque MP / LM

☽O☾Bonnie Bang☽O☾

Bonnie Bang (1).png
Bonnie Bang (3).png
Bonnie Bang (2).png


Hair – Greenღ Brittany
Hair – Pinkღ Shaza Duo May gift.
By EscalateD MPLM

Lips – Greenღ Toxic Neon
Lips – Pinkღ Liquid Doll
Outfit Both – Bonnie Greenღ [Vibrant] & Pinkღ [Pastel]
Kickers Both – Pinkღ Sherbet & Greenღ WizzFizz
By ToxicDolls MPLM

Tattoo- Greenღ Skulls & Snakes By Vezzo Tattoo MP ONLY

Tattoo – Pinkღ Chest Voodoo & Leg Freemdom [Gift]
Bracelets – Pink onlyღ Devil Tail Bracelets
By Beauty Of Darkness MPLM

☽O☾Easter Eggs☽O☾

Easter (1).png☪Hair☪

Black&White Hud
By Foxy MP / LM


Lilith Lace Dress
Color hud
By Xtravagance MP / LM


Egg Earrings
With texture Hud
By Joplino MP / LM


#1 < Pic
Bunny Kisses Eggie Stick

#2 < Pic
Cotton Tail Eggie Stick

#3 < Pic
Cute Eggie Stick

#4 < Pic
Keep Calm Eggie Stick

#5 < Pic
Some Bunny Eggie Stick

By Joplino MP / LM


Paint My Egg
By SomethingNew Mp / LM

Easter eggs (2).png